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Trinity Doom


• Defender
• 2024
• Birdville HS

It’s kinda surreal looking back on my life and realizing how long I’ve played this sport. Growing up, I played many different sports, including soccer, basketball, volleyball, and track. But as the years progressed, I’d always seem to fall back on soccer. I never realized when I started to feel this way, but soccer has given me everything I’ve ever needed and more. Loving this sport is one thing, but the determined, competitive, and hard-working mindset helps me to be so much more than just a soccer player. While all of those reasons are incredibly important, I believe soccer has given me friends that will last a lifetime and that have helped me through so much. Soccer, to some, is just a sport, but to me, it’s where my family and my love are and will stay for the rest of my life.

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